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The manufacturer guarantees that our products are scrupulously checked against defects in materials, workmanship, aesthetics and functioning problems.

In case you find a defect in one of our products, you should immediately contact Chiappa Firearms or where you have bought your gun. All warranty work will be performed by Chiappa Firearms.

ATTENTION: All customers returning product for warranty service must first obtain a return authorization from Chiappa Firearms. The request for a return authorization may be obtained through our web site, email or phone. Information required is name and address, model, serial number, and defect. It is the customer’s responsibility for adequately packaging the product to prevent shipping damage.

The Charles Daly 5-year warranty for two years after the purchase date. Free parts and labor for defects which have been found during use; wear of parts which shouldn’t be subject to wear, or excessive wear of parts subject to wear and further supply free parts for an additional 3 years except for wood. Wood is covered for 1 year. The customer must provide evidence of the purchase date with a receipt or other valid proof.

In case the defect under cover of guarantee is not repairable, the manufacturer will provide for a free substitution of the weapon.

The manufacturer reserves the right of defining the type of defect of the firearm and therefore to state whether the defect is covered by guarantee. The manufacturer’s decision will be fair but final.

The manufacturer will be allowed a timing of 60 days for repair under guarantee, and 90 days for free substitution.

Should the manufacturer become aware of a defect of a product during the guarantee period, the defective part will be replaced free of charge.

The guarantee does not cover parts subject to wear and corrosion.

ATTENTION: Delivery expenses to and from the service center are not covered by the guarantee and will be charged to the customer.

The Guarantee Is Void in Case:

In the above cases the repair, if completed, will be charged to the customer.

In case, for any valid reason, you do not have the possibility to obtain repair under guarantee at the shop where you bought the firearm, you may contact us directly for warranty service or questions:

Tel: (937) 835-5000 | Email:

Tel: (778) 426.3884 | Email: (Murray Charlton)

Tel: +39.030.9749065 | Email:

Owners manual must always follow the firearm, also in the event of new ownership.

Procedure for the use of warranty:

ATTENTION: The returned firearm must be protected with adequate packaging; any damages occurred during transportation and handling will be the customer’s responsibility.