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- Is your Dayton Ohio location open to the public?

Our location is closed to the public. This policy is simply a security measure.

+ There is a problem with one of my accessories/parts, what is your return policy?

Please call Customer Service: 937-835-5000

+ What are your hours and customer service number?

Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-4pm Eastern Time. We are closed New Year’s Day, Easter Monday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve after 11am & Christmas Day. Customer Service: 937-835-5000.

- How long will it take to deliver my order?

We will make effort to get your order shipped as fast as possible, general shipping time is 7-10 business days.

- Where do I purchase your firearms?

Any dealer can purchase our products. We have a dealer locator on our site to assist you.

- Where can I find prices for your firearms?

Our suggested retail price is posted on the site. Please contact your dealer for an exact price.

- Can I purchase your firearms directly from your facility?

No. We are not a retail facility and we only sell to dealers, distributors, and wholesalers.

+ Where can I purchase accessories and parts for your products?

Accessories and parts sold directly on our website and through Dealers. You can also contact Customer Service at 937-835-5000, please have item numbers available for faster service.


- My firearm needs service. What do I do?

Call our Customer Service line at 937-835-5000 and speak with one of our customer service representatives. They will guide you step by step through our procedure and assist you with setting up an RMA to send your firearm back. You can also fill our warranty form online

+ My firearm needs service. What should I do?

Call Customer Service at 937-835-5000 and speak with one of our representatives. They will guide you step by step through our procedure and assist you with setting up an RMA to send your firearm back. You can also fill out our warranty form online, under the Support menu on the right click on Repair Request.

- Where do I ship my firearm for service?

1415 Stanley Ave | Dayton, OH 45404

- Do I have to pay for return shipping to the repair facility?

Yes. Our service center will pay for shipping back to the customer, unless deemed non warranty. If the item is deemed not to be warranty the customer will be required to pay return shipping.

- Who should I used to ship my firearm back to the facility?

Long guns may be shipped by UPS or FedEx or by USPS if within Ohio. Handguns may only be shipped with UPS or FedEx NDA. Your dealer may be able to assist you in returning the firearm.

- How long will my repair take?

Approx. 4 – 6 weeks. In the event any issue arises that we are unable to repair your firearm in this amount of time you will be contacted.

- Do I have to pay to ship my firearm in for repair?

We will provide a shipping label if purchased within the last 30 days with the original owner

- How can I get a replacement part covered under warranty?

We will need a copy of the purchase receipt, serial number of firearm and a picture of the damaged/missing part.

- Do I need to send my whole firearm in for repair?

Yes, We will need the whole firearm and everything that came with the firearm. (Ex: Magazines, Cylinders, Etc…)


- Having issues getting my forend on and off?

Many of the Triple Crowns have come with the forend tight. Usually after about 50 rounds they break in and the forend becomes much easier to remove. If after 50 rounds the forend is still too tight to remove, contact Customer Service 937-835-5000.

- What kind of chokes?

- Remington Choke threads.

- Can you change the order of the fire sequence?

No, the firing sequence is right, left, top.